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The Company

Our firm was born in the late eighties beginning to be formed by a group of professionals identified with the passion for the law and the connotations of this in the social sphere in our country. We are born with the idea of ​​participating in social processes consistent with our practice and professional development. Since our inception we identify with maxims as academic excellence, honesty and no corruption.


Through our walk in the practice we have attended every kind of related to all branches of law, within which we can cite, in criminal cases: economic crimes, real estate frauds, traffic accidents. In terms of real estate: cases related to the maritime zone, claim property, constitution and extinction of all types of real rights over it. In terms of commercial law: formation and advisory companies, all kinds of operating licenses, trademark registration. In administrative law: all kinds of judgments against the state. In labor: All kinds of labor disputes. In family law: cases of domestic violence, child adoptions, alimony, celebrating marriages, divorces. In constitutional matters: amparo, habeas corpus and overall an endless number of cases dealing with all branches of law.


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